I have one scenario where i have to select start date and date.

my requirement is end date should not be selected before start date and end date should always greater than start date.





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  • Misbah
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    There are two requirements here.


    Part 1. You don't want users to select end date before they select start date

    Part 2. End date should always be greater than start date


    Part 1:

    1st is doable  by using Dynamic Cell Access. What it will do is - it will check if your start date is blank then DCA remains unchecked and so does your End date line item (it will not have any dropdown). Below snips for you reference






    As soon as you input your Start date, DCA becomes checked and so does your End date.


    Part 2:


    There is no way you can make Anaplan have end date greater than start date in input line item. If you have logic in place that should derive your End date then it can be coded accordingly.


    Hope that helps


  • kavinkumar

    HI @ayush.srivastava,

    As our other experts mentioned earlier, it is not possible to tackle your requirement with the help of Anaplan Time dimension. But you can still crack it by creating 'Custom Time'. Throwing my idea and check if it helps,

    Step 1: Create Custom time list with 2 subsets (Always mark it for both).

    Step 2: Use these subsets for your selection line items.

    Step 3: Here we are trying to restrict the items in 'End date' thru Dependent Dropdown. Hence create a list called 'Dependent dropdown' and create an item in it.

    Step 4: Convert the user selection to 'Date format' and apply the condition. Screen shots below for more clarification.




    Anaplan Equivalent: DATE(VALUE(RIGHT(NAME(ITEM(Custom Time)), 4)), VALUE(MID(NAME(ITEM(Custom Time)), 4, 2)), VALUE(LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Custom Time)), 2)))

    Dependent Dropdown: IF Anaplan Equivalent > 'EM23'.Anaplan Equivalent THEN Dependent Drop down.Dependent item ELSE BLANK





    End Result:




    Hope this helps!!




  • Hi @Misbah ,


    Thanks a lot sir for quick response.

    It's working .


  • One very simple option is making a boolean formatted conditional formatting rule:


    If End Date < Start Date THEN 1 ELSE 0 ENDIF


    The End Date cell will become red when the End Date < Start Date


    We can add a rule drive text besides that which says: End Date can't be less than Start Date


    Note: Shared this just as a quick alternative.

  • Hi @kavinkumar 


    Thanks a lot for the efficient solution and quick response.

    It is working for me.