Anaplan Excel Add-in

In our Org, we have not yet authorized the use of Anaplan Excel-AddIn so far, even though some users use it. In the past we had experienced some issues such as the model being locked during export of data by users while using the AddIn. Now that there is a new version of Excel AddIn, i am reaching out to folks to get some input on how the new addin is in terms of performance, or any issues, etc. We have around 400 users using the system for Planning. 


  • Hi and thank you for your interest in the Excel add-in. 


    You should expect the Excel Add-in to have the same impact on platform performance as a model view when you read or export it. So, if the view is designed efficiently (and the number of cells you are reading or writing is low), the impact on model performance will be low.


    I would be happy to hear thoughts from users on this topic as well