Anaplan Account Registration Process


Hi Team,


How do I create my Anaplan Account?


I need to integrate with Anaplan REST APIs.



Anuja Agrawal




    Raise a request to your Workspace Admin to grant access to your ID in the model you are looking for. Once the id is added to the system, you will receive an auto-generated email from Anaplan thru which you can create your login credentials.



  • Hi Kavin,


    I am new to Anaplan. After reading some articles and forums, I found I need to first get a test workspace.

    Is that right?


    Can you please guide me through the process of how I can play around the APIs.






    If you are an employee of any organization and if they already have Anaplan license you need to get in touch with Anaplan Workspace Admin of your company and provide him/her your email id - he will set you up.


    If you are self employed or your company doesn't have bought license then you/they need to get Anaplan License first




  • Hi Misbah,


    Is there any way I can play around with these APIs for evaluation without having the License?


    Thanks & Regards

    Anuja Agrawal

  • I sent you a PM on the person you should contact at Anaplan as you seem to be an intgeration platform.