What Anaplan Does Distinctively?


Many many things, though few to spotlight as thoughts of the moment:


  1. Delivering an enterprise-level planning analytics applications without any dev-ops process. Unbelievable!
  2. One-stop solution to hosting data, making transformations, managing hierarchies, and providing real-time reporting. Completeness!
  3. Data View/ Blue Print view swaps, it adds to the understanding of what we are doing and where it's going in a most intuitive way. Right there, Right then!


Community Members: Let us keep on giving Anaplan the right appreciation it deserves by adding more to this list. 



  • for me the main differenciator of Anaplan is its flexibility. In 5 years of doing Anaplan, I've been able to model 95% of what people had in mind , and I've been asked crazy things and very very diverse stuff.

  • @hemant04gulati 


    Concur with @nathan_rudman I too love its flexibility - That's one of qualities that tops my list. You can build almost anything & everything


    Appreciate Anaplan on Anaplan Community:P We already appreciate it and that's why we are here for so long.




  • @Misbah FLEXIBILITY on your top list. Kudos!

    "Appreciate Anaplan on Anaplan Community:P We already appreciate it and that's why we are here for so long." Agreed!

    I meant, appreciating what we personally like the most about it. Like you and @nathan_rudman already shared as well. In other words, collecting perspectives from experts around the community.



  • For me the other big areas that make Anaplan different are:


    Anaplan ensures consistency of data for whomever you are, whatever you are looking at, at whatever level

    Anaplan doesn't need to use a single set of structures throughout the model.  We can use "appropriate" structures to ensure efficiency of calculation (e.g DISCO)

    Anaplan can aggregate without hierarchies

    Finally, we do have a super optimised engine and use of computer processing that allows the rapid calculation performance at scale


    And I'm proud to work for such a company