The Anaplan Way Guide


I've completed the Anaplan Way Guide course, still every time it shows that I didn't.

Once I complete that, I should be receiving the badge that I completed that, right? but that's not the case with my profile. Can someone help me regarding this?


  • Arpita hi, you need to go back to your "The Anaplan Way" classroom instructor to mark your learning on the course as 100% complete and send a mail to community to issue you the badge.  

  • I have completed in from the on-demand course and earned the badge!

  • How long after you finished the on-demand course to earn the badge? thanks
  • May I know where I can find the link to The Anaplan way learning?

  • I'm interested fo the the Anaplan Way Guide course,

  • lryoung

    Another that wants to find the Anaplan Way Guide course. How do I find that?