High Charts or D3 Charts in Anaplan Dashboards or Anaplan Pages?


High Charts or D3 Charts in Anaplan Dashboards?


Is it possible to embed or incorporate a charting library like High Charts or D3 Charts in Anaplan Dashboards especially after the introduction of new User Interface which runs on top of the latest and greatest in HTML5?


I am not sure about its validity or feasibility from an architectural and implementation standpoint of the overall Anaplan product development. However, this facility can be a true gamechanger in Anaplan's suite of great features and functionalities.

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  • JaredDolich


    This is a terrific idea for Anaplan and you may want to add this to the idea board!


    D3 is a terrific javascript library for charting, and even some amazing animations. My favorite is the "force".


    In the meantime, you'll need to bring the data out of Anaplan.

    Anaplan has some native connectors for Tableau which certainly can be used.

    You can also use the API calls to obtain Anaplan data as well. I have used both Python and Power BI this way but you have to build it, although I've seen some third parties out there that have done the same.

    Some great articles on this - just search on "Anaplan API".


  • Thanks @JaredDolich !


    Yes, I have been using the Anaplan tableau connector from its pilot phase. I will try exploring things through Power BI as I do get a chance sooner than later.


    The underlying temptation to have something like D3, Force, or Highcharts within Anaplan Dashboards or Pages is "Doing Visualizations the Anaplan Way, Right There Right Then". And avoiding any manual bridges like updating tableau extract for pulling the data changes from Anaplan.

  • D3 inside of the new UX would be mind blowing and a game changer!

    Please add this to the idea board - I'll be the first to upvote!