Normalization and De-normalization under the same hood


Anaplan is not just a one-stop solution to many essentials like user interface, data storage, data transformations, reporting, and most importantly the magic of modeling. 

"It is an elegant exhibition of synergizing totally different concepts into one common, consistent, and complete solution."


Database management systems textbooks' way of doing data was generally keeping transactional and analytical use cases separately in normalized and denormalized databases.  The psychology of learning states, navigating between different systems for solving a particular problem breaks the user's flow and ultimately the focus

With the advent of prevalent demands of businesses, the Write-backs to analytical applications transitioned its journey from being a luxury to becoming a necessity.


Anaplan addresses these challenges by giving freedom to design schemas as per the need, be it transactional, analytical or even hybrid.

While doing so, it provides the agility of ad-hoc reporting along with integrity and consistency in configuring the writebacks modules. 





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