'Is Organization'


How can I edit the "Is O



  • @Tom_Brumfield ,


    Sorry, we are going to need a little more information in order to help you.

  • @Tom_Brumfield  if you're referring to the built-in list "Organization" then you can rename it by double clicking on the list name from the "General Lists" tab.

    Anaplan requires one list, so this list cannot be deleted but it can be renamed and repurposed for whatever you need it for.

  • Sorry about that, my message wasn't complete. In the lvl 1 training I was trying to align the check mark associated with "Is Organization" to G1 Region where the Category is labeled as Organization. The check list seems u-editable and remained on the --- Geo Hierarchy --- line.

  • @Tom_Brumfield 

    Unfortunately, that setting is not able to be changed.  The "organisation' list is an autogenerated list when a model is created and the list cannot be deleted. The only way to now align with the Level 1 training is to rename the list and use it in the hierarchy, but if you have already created the hierarchies, personally, I wouldn't bother. The check box is a hang over from way back and as far as I know it is not used for anything, and it definitely won't affect your ability to pass Level 1

    Good luck with the training