Sharpening The Anaplan Saw

Sharpening the Anaplan SawSharpening the Anaplan Saw


  Some experiences to share from Anaplan Learning Curve:


  1. Have a look at Anaplan App Hub and only read the description of apps in Anaplan App Hub first. This will build an unparalleled excitement, enthusiasm, and energy.
  2. Read about Anaplan in Gartner Magic Quadrants' reports to realize the big-picture potential about the technology.
  3. Do Level 1 & Level 2 Model Building training. This will let you fly the flight of Anaplan.
  4. Go through Formulas and Functions model in app-hub along with reading the documentation of formulas and functions in Anapedia.
  5. Keep doing a module or two here and there in App hub's Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting model. This is a beast and has an implementation of powerful Anaplan concepts.


Happy Anaplan Learning!