OEG Best Practice: SFDC Lightning migration

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Migrating from the classic SFDC platform to the Lightning platform can create unintended issues with some Anaplan models. This article covers issues with SFDC objects and the steps to correct them.


When migrating from the classic SFDC platform to Lightning, the SFDC domain name/ URL changes. In our example, the SFDC login domain changed from https://na72.salesforce.com to https://anaplan.my.salesforce.com. This caused any SFDC objects with links in our associated Anaplan models to no longer work. This challenge is typically overlooked when system administrators are completing testing on the new SFDC instance.


Start by identify all SFDC objects that have links in your Anaplan data hub and spoke models. If you're using a data hub, start by updating the links in your hub model. 

Updating the Data Hub:

  • If the link in your line item or list property is formula driven, make sure to update the formula to include the new URL.
  • If the link is static, you can use the following steps to update:
  1. Create a new line item or list property titled "New Link" and format it as a text link.
  2. Populate the new line item or list property with the formula that will replace the old link with the new one. 
  3. Delete the formula from the line item or list property.
  4. Point your old line item or list property to the new link you just created.
  5. Delete the formula in your original link line item or list property.

Updating spoke models:

  • If the link for your spoke model is imported from the data hub, make sure to refresh your imports to capture the new link.
  • If your spoke model has a static link, use the five steps above to change the URL. 

Best practice / AoA recommendation for source system links:

  • Setup a system module to house all system URLs (preferably in your data hub if you have one).
    • Make sure any line items or list properties point to the system module.

Author Pierre Kerkinni.