Enthralling thoughts about the trade of technology

  • In how many businesses does making one copy or one million copies of your product cost about the same?
  • How many businesses have up to 99 percent gross profit margins for their product sales?
  • In how many businesses do many products companies eventually become services or hybrid companies (that is, providing some customization of product features and technical services such as system integration and maintenance), whether they like it or not?
  • In how many businesses is there frequently a ten- or twentyfold difference in productivity between your best employee and your worst one?
  • How many businesses tolerate some 75 to 80 percent of their product-development projects routinely being late and over budget, with “best practice” considered to be 20 percent on time?
  • How about a company where the people who build products often consider themselves artists rather than scientists or engineers and have the mercurial temperament to go with it?
  • In how many businesses are customers “locked-in” to a particular vendor because of product decisions someone made a decade or two ago that can’t easily be reversed?

My take from all of these instigating thoughts is:

"The success of as great as a platform as Anaplan has a lot to do with building exceptionally skilled people to leverage its capabilities"

Interested to listen about yours!



  • Misbah

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