Anaplan Lookup Question


What could be the underlying reason behind allowing lookup only through list formatted line items, not through a normal text formatted line item?



  • The data is stored/calculated at the intersection of the different dimensions (Lists, Time, Versions)

    Text values are not part of the list definition (Name and Code) are, so that is why we use formatted line items, and use FINDITEM to return the list member for use in modelling

    It is not the same structures as Excel, which uses generic rows and columns.  Anaplan is much more structured than that

    It would be easier not to have to use FINDITEM to match/transform, but that is a whole different topic!!

    I hope that explains it


  • Hi,

    I assume it's a matter of performance. I can't imagine how lookup function could work without a list. Even if there will be x records for a single line item text formated, there have to be created a kind of temporary list. 




  • @T_Caban 

    It's not really a performance issue (although it probably would be!), it is just not the way Anaplan works.


    Everything has to be linked back to a specific object.  Text is a free form data point, so can't be used to tie into structures