Import current month data


I already have previous month data.

Now I want to import only current month data.

Please assist.

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  • Misbah
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    You will have to furnish more details here. Previous month's data is already present in the system and now you want to load current month's data into the system


    Does your file contain Historical Plus current month and you only want to update current month's data  - In this case you can handle it thru your imports




    Not sure if this is the requirement. If not kindly explain a little bit more on the requirement.




  • Hello Sameer,

    I think the best way to learn Anaplan is to build by yourself but I really recommend you do the basic training first.
  • I understand but basic training doesn't explain scenarios. 


    It explains what is: Sum, Select, Lookup etc. I wanted to learn about saved views but Anapedia didn't explain properly.


    Also lot more times, especially in interview, they don't ask direct questions.


    As for eg:- I faced a question, How will you export a particular List Item (viz. List- States, Line Item- Sales). We want for a particular two states (say Chicago and New Jersey) data to be exported to Data Hub.


    All these I find difficult for self-learning. I wanted many members are helpful here and @Misbah @DavidSmith have guided me a lot. I am thankful to them. Being a new joiner they took their time in explaining.