how to break text into multiple lines


Hi Anaplanners


Is there anybody who knows how to break the text values into multiple lines and to make it look easier. 

By the way to publish it in the Dashboard.Thanks!



  • Here are the pictures for reference.1.png

  • @CommunityMember113703 


    you can use (Ctrl +Alt + Enter) to break the text into multiple lines





  • @CommunityMember113703 great question.


    @Akhtar.shahbaz is correct if you intend to put your description in a textbox on the dashboard.

    Headers can also be wrapped, but not columns.


    Otherwise, the way you have it is the best you'll get. There is no word wrap functionality on a line item.

    There are some creative ways to break up text into separate line items - people do this all the time when translating flat file keys into their primary keys but I didn't think that was what you had in mind.


    Lastly, it's not advisable to use text formatted line items if they can be avoided. They're very expensive both in performance and space. Make sure this long description is necessary - and if it's on a module that's really big, know that it will contribute to poor performance. By the way, I use long text descriptions all the time for documentation modules, but I don't use dimensions.


    You can always adjust the column settings to open up the column width. You can also change the header to word wrap up to 3 times.


    Using CTRL-ALT-ENTER on a entry will cause problems. Anaplan will ignore the remaining part of the line as you can see in this example. I put a CTRL-ALT-ENTER after the words "example of" then copied it to the line below. See how it cuts off the rest of the line?




    Lastly, on the dashboard you can always add a text box that will wrap. This is where the CTRL-ALT-ENTER works best.

    Unfortunately, word wrapping doesn't work on rows or columns, as shown in this dashboard example below.



  • Please understand when using Text, the overall memory size of that line item is 48 bytes + 2 x then number of characters in the text.  So, if your text is ABC, the memory size will be 48 + 2 *3 = 54 bytes.  If your text is 100 characters long, the size will be 48 + 2*100 = 248 bytes which will be replicated across the dimensionality of the line item.


    Hope this helps,



  • @rob_marshall 


    Now that's intriguing. Does this mean that the calculation that we do for Model Sizing is incorrect as per @David Smith's recommended method.


    For Number & Text - 8 bytes

    For List, Date & Time - 4 bytes

    For Boolean - 1 byte


    So is it like - Empty Text formatted line item consumes 8 bytes and anything in the line item adds more to the space. Is it only with Text formatted line items or others as well?



  • @Misbah ,


    No, what David said is absolutely true and what is shown/calculated on what you see from the Settings page...The true memory of the text is different on the backend and is why it is so bad.  Say your model says it is 100 GB, but in reality on the backend, it is really 160 GB due to text and text concatenations.


    This is one of the slides I presented at CPX and describes what I wrote above.




    and better (or really worse) is when you modify text (line item 1"&_"& line item 2), the performance goes down.  We know you can't get away from using text, but knowing how to use text is so important (reference the text defined in smaller modules (like codes) and use lookups).




    Hope this helps,



  • Thankyou. I tried the shortcut. The users should only read the text value in the dashboard.(no access for write).enen if I have broken the value using this way. They can only see the first line of the value in the dashboard


  • Thankyou!

    the long description values(few thousands records/per day or even more)  are imported to the module and published to the dashboard. the users are not allowed to modify only have read access for the values.

    so even I have used the shortcut to beak the line, the user can only see the first line of the text values in the seems not work.

    and It's difficult to add text boxes for every record of long description because there are too much data.

    the column width can only be set to 800px(130byte?) at this case, one third of the text values can be shown and the other information are hided in  read mode .

    So there is other way to show the whole text value more than 300 byte ?(I thought the beak line way could  worked...)


  • @CommunityMember113703 


    As both @rob_marshall and @Misbah  explain text can easily cause performance issues and created really large memory modules. 

    I would first question what is the need to have this process in Anaplan? 

    What you are trying to achieve can also be possible to do before the data enters Anaplan and cleansing the data outside of Anaplan is more efficient. Have you considered this? 


    Would be great to hear more about the use of this.







  • To break a line into multiple lines in easiest way is to create another line item without dimension say New Line Seperator and put a value as shown , <Shift+alt+enter>| like shown below

    Now in the formula , you can substitute the pipe operator with "" and then your data will shown as

    Data 1,

    Data 2,

    Data 3 ,