Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) with subset


Hi Guys,


I am trying to create a DCA access control module and noticed something . Wondering if someone can shed some light on this 


So i have a list and the list has a subset eg below 




I have 3 modules 


-First one "lets call it module" has above list as "Applies to" with 1 line item "Read" as Boolean and Formula as "True" . 


-Second one has Above list as "Applies to" with 1 line item "Line item" as number and Read is set to above module.read . Works no issues 


-Third one has subset from above list as Applies to" with 1 line item "Line item" as number and when i try to set Read to module.read  i get below error 


Annotation 2019-12-12 154842.jpg



Why is this happening ? I would have thought this will work as just like lookup 


can someone shed some light on this ?


Many thanks 






  • @karank,

    Technically, it should work but please create 'Top level' in your list and change your 1st module's line item summary to 'Any' or 'All'. That should solve your issue.



  • Thanks @kavinkumar 


    I did try what you are suggesting however I was trying to avoid summary level and top level for this list. 


    It would be nice if some one can explain why it did not work . I guess i am going to miss @DavidSmith !!!!



  • Hi @karank ,


    Step 1: Create another Read line item with subset in applies to in the 1st module

    Step 2: Use this new line item in your 3rd module to control the access.


    The module dimension and DCA Read access dimensions should be same.



    Vignesh M

  • @vignesh

    Thanks , I will try this . I thought It's not possible to use a list and a subset created from it in the same module as stated on anaplan wiki . Probably i am reading it wrong . I was thinking of creating

    Nevertheless it will be good to know why it did not work like lookup .

  • Hi @karank 


    I agree with @VIGNESH.M approach to the problem. 

    Creating more line items to simplify the complexity and allowing you to see the how the access works is the best option.

    Also worth testing a few cases to make sure it works for all scenarios!





  • Thanks for your input @usman.zia  its always welcomed 🙂


    @VIGNESH.M  i did try your approach and i must say it comes out different , something i have never seen before . eg 




    This is how it looks even though its subsidiary view . Have never seen a subsidiary view editable at top (i.e without going in)  



    When i try to import into this it gives me option to choose dimension which means i will have to have 2 actions 

    1 to import into main list 

    1 to import into subset of main list 




    So essentially this works like having 2 modules into one . If i made ACCESS control module 2 for subset it would have been same as this . 


    From simplicity point of view i think top level and all option works if that is an option else this could be an alternative if you do not want to create 2 modules ( centralised access control) . 


  • In my opinion this is a "bug", could you get the time to demo this to support ?
    I've encountered it before and simply solved it the way Vignesh mentioned.

    I'll finish by adding that modules don't exist. It doesn't matter where your line item is. For the engine, only line items exist.
  • @nathan it does feel buggy which is why i posted here . I will show this to support when i get some time
  • @karank definitely worth raising with Anaplan Support they may have this as a known issue?

  • All

    I think this is a bug, because it should work in line with how subsets work

    I'll raise it and get it on the backlog to be investigated