Error when importing a csv file into a module


I am facing an issue with exporting and importing a csv file. So I have a file that I am exporting with data for 12 months (Dates are formatted as Y-M, (i.e. 19-Jul) in the exported csv file). Then when I try and import the same file using custom mapping (Y-M) for Time, I get a failure dump and an error which reads: Import into module failed. "The column headers in the file you are attempting to import do not match the import definition. . . Expected 2 or 4-digit year in date/period"

Any help would be appreciated.


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    When you open the exported file the dates that you see is not Y-M formatted, instead it is D-M format.

    Go to the Excel, right click on the cell, format cells and then change the format of the dates. Change it back to Y-M or M-Y format , save the file and then upload.



    Hope that helps


  • Ah I see that; however, there will be multiple users uploading multiple files using the export and import created so manually updating the date format in excel is not an option. Is there any way to get the export to export the time in the desired Y-M format instead of D-M.

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    Try the option 'Match Names' instead custom mapping.


  • Hey Kavin,


    I tried your suggestion; however, I got the error "Invalid date or timescale identifier".

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    Unfortunately it will not work, whatever you change on the time mapping tab. 


    CSV files whenever opened will change the format of time. Txt files are better in handling such scenarios but have their own disadvantages such as playing with the data with ease. I would assume end users are loading the files to upload the data.


    Exporting files and importing the same files are not the recommended ways . I would like to draw you attention to one of the Powerful and Coolest feature of Anaplan Excel Add -in. It is called "Send and Refresh" in Read- Write Connection. What it does is that it allows you to export the module/saved view to excel and then end users can amend the data and push it back to the model by one click.


    Please go thru this.


    Happy Planning