Use RESTful API to Export Data from All Modules (Without Export Actions)




Is it possible to export data from all modules (or selected modules; let's say there's 70 of them) without individually creating export actions for every single module?





  • @ArthurOff 

    Sort of. 

    Unfortunately, you cannot export a "module".

    You must first create the export action preferably using a view that contains only the data you want.

    With that many modules you'll want to name those exports very carefully so you can find them using a python script.

    Iterate through the files you want to export.


    I ran into something like this a while ago where each planner had their own module. I used a line item subset to consolidate the modules into one - worked perfectly. This will only work, of course, if the line items are the same.


    I'm copying this to @kavinkumar. If there's a way, he'll know.

  • @JaredDolich, thanks but that doesn't really answer my question. I'm wondering if there's a faster way of exporting data from all the modules instead of creating loads of export actions for each of them.
  • @ArthurOff the short answer is you have to create the export in Anaplan first. 

    If you have 70 modules then you'll have to create 70 export actions that generate a file that you can download.


    @PaulRitner discusses the same issue in this post. The business case for the API was to automate the actions in Anaplan.


    As a suggestion, see if you can use a line item subset and use the COLLECT() function. By doing this you can consolidate the modules. This will only be possible if the line items are the same though.

    Can you give some description of the 70 modules? Is there any type of similarity between them?



  • no I don't think we have that API point.