Breakback in New UX


I was pleasantly surprised to see that "basic" breakback persists into New UX.  This was particularly helpful on a board with two grids - one using years and another synched using quarters or months.  Entering data by year in to a strategic input grid and then allowing it to be spread by quarters or months in the child grid is a great UX.  Will be nice to see a fuller set of breakback features (display,hold,etc) implemented in future.



  • Thanks for sharing @Mitch_Max always testing the boundaries to learn something new!


    Which use case did you use this for specifically? 





  • Thanks, @usman.zia .  The use case here is capturing of data for strategic initiatives (building and consolidating business cases).  Ease of use for rapid modelling is critical.  Users can always fine-tune items by lower entry periods (quarters) after entering data by year.  Since there are a significant number of lines to be entered, reducing the number of periods for entry is helpful.

  • Hello, Could you tell me if the Hold / release features exist in the new UX, please? If so, could you tell me how we access these features? I thank you in advance.


    Old UX :



  • Hold/release for breakback is on the way in the UX - you can track progress against this idea -