Anaplan sales planning with AI


Anaplan yesterday announced that now platform has capability of AI predictions  for sales planning

I am not able to find any documentation or anything on platform 

does anyone have idea where to find it?


  • Here's the link to the announcement. There was a mention in the partner update.

    There's a contact at Anaplan at the end of this post. You might try emailing her.


    Just go to app hub and search on Anaplan's applications.

    Maybe one of these?


  • I believe this is referencing the optimizer in a sale planning use case as where is mentions prioritization this is a reference to the optimizer capability?


    Is this your view @JaredDolich ? 





  • Thanks @usman.zia,

    It does sound like an optimizer app but hard to say.

    In terms of ML, I've been able to do a lot of regression algorithms but not any that require iteration, like most classification algorithms (clustering, segmentation). Those I usually do outside of Anaplan.

    So, I guess this piqued my interest. Is this an app that can be seen in the app hub? Since this was a link shared with the partners I'm assuming it's something we can take a look at. Same as @abhay.kanik I'm not sure where to look. 

    Unfortunately, I don't have access to the optimizer. I think you have to be part of an enterprise license.

  • @JaredDolich  it is possible to do iterations using the time dimension but you have to think of it not as time but as the dimension which iterates. I have only done this once before in an extreme case and would not advise it! But it was interesting to experiment!