Informatica doesn't find Anaplan Model as source/target model


Hi all, 


I'm trying to connect Salesforce and Anaplan via Informatica. 

I've setting up Salesforce and Anaplan add-in in informatica and 'test loging' works for both.


When I am trying to create a new synchronisation task for an update, Informatica recognizes Salesforce. However for Anaplan, it seems that Informatica can't make the link - a red cross is shown (see picture attached) - but no description of the error is displayed. 


Would you have any idea of what it is linked to ? And what would be the solution for this ?


Thanks a lot, 



Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Some ideas:

    • Make sure your credentials are set up in Anaplan. 
    • If you're using a system email ID you'll need to make sure that system user is set up in Anaplan with the right security.
    • If you're using your email ID for authentication, do the same. Make sure you have the security inside of Anaplan first.
    • You can easily check the connection by using Postman, a free API testing tool (and one recommended by Anaplan). Here's a link. If you can connect using Anaplan's native API then you should have no problem with Informatica. It works exactly the same.
    • Informatica has two ways to connect with Anaplan. There's a standard connector and there is HyperConnect. Both work well. Make sure you have the latest versions.

    Send some screenshots of what you're seeing. Maybe we can help with more details.