List of community members (Slalom SF)


How can I see the users that have registered from my company (Slalom)? I'd love a report (for the San Francisco market) of who has created a community account/profile, registered for model building training, etc.


I can see through Partner Central only those that have completed model building training.






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    You can probably check with your local Partner Success Business Partner from Anaplan.





    @LipChean_Soh  is right. Your BP can definitely help. The partner statistics are really important - they also help define the partner tiers.

    Slalom is a gold partner which means you have at least 8 certified modelers.

    Although the number of modelers for gold tier requirement may have changed and there may be more required to meet the gold tier - but your BP will know and can also get the training stats for you.

    Recommend you also sign up for the partner communications if you haven't already. Often, they will announce stats, particularly averages. The big thing right now is the new UX.