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Can the model history be restored after executing a delete using selection action deleting a bunch of items (around 50 million items) from a particular list?

The model is in the standard offline mode.




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  • DmitryP
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    Hi Somain,


    Although this number is huge, I don't see a reason why this shouldn't work. I've tried it before with a smaller number of deleted items and it worked fine. Try to find a point in history before the action was performed and restore the model.





  • @somain.gupta you can easily restore your module back to the way it was but there are some caveats.

    1. Any changes you made after you ran the delete action will also be lost because you are restoring the model back to the state it was in before you deleted the items.

    2. offline/online doesn't matter. Offline only prevents other admins from editing your model. It does not save any memory in your workspace.

    3. Because your list is rather large it may take Anaplan a little while to restore the model.


    Here's how you can do it:

    First, I built 500 list items and added my sales to a few of them.

    History Restore 001.png


    I took my model offline.

    History Restore 002.png


    I deleted the list with 500 members

    History Restore 003.png


    Go into history and select the transaction just before the delete action and restore the model.

    History Restore 004.png

    You will be take out of the model. Upon opening again, you will see the data has been restored.


    History Restore 005.png