To reduce space between modules in dashboards

How to reduce the space between modules which are published in dashboard



  • @AnushaAttuluri 

    If your question is related to space optimization I would start by reading this article by @DavidSmith

    There are many ways to reduce the space but it all depends on what your modules look like and the relationship they had to each other.

    In addition to space you can also make performance optimizations.

    You can post a specific question with an example if you want help on any of these techniques. I think you'll find a quick response from the Community.


    If your question is related to dashboard design, then I would post a screenshot of an example.

    Standard dashboards have a lot of white space so there's not a whole lot you can do.

    You can also try using the new UX. I found that the white space has been remarkably reduced.



  • Hi @AnushaAttuluri 


    One point I would raise is that in recent discussions with @DavidSmith having sparsity is not always a bad thing.....

    The reason for this is, Anaplan can run really fast and efficiently sometimes having sparse cells which won't slow performance and sometimes the methods we take to reduce sparsity can infact cause a degradation in performance.

    For example sometimes combining dimensions by using concatenation using a string / text formula slows down Anaplan a lot. 

    So please bear this in mind. 


    Great links @JaredDolich !





  • Hi,

    The options to change the display of a dashboard are limited.
    Try to nest modules/graphs/texts next/under to each other in order to use the blank spaces that are created by default.