How to import data without manual mapping for Numbered list?


I want to upload data into a module that has a numbered list as a dimension, as a result of this I have to manually map list elements manually to excel file rows

Any technique for automatic data mapping of numbered list elements to excel rows?

PFA Screenshots of my mappings for more clarifications:-

1. Source or Excel file to be uploaded


2. Mapping 


3. Employee details is a numbered list & this is the mapping window


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  • Harsha
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    If Employee numbered list doesn't have code, make sure to populate the code to identify an employee uniquely. 

    And when you are trying to load data into module which uses numbered list as dimension, please map CODE to the name of list items. 

    Make sure code is available in source file as per the numbered list.

    Attached is SC for example.




  • Misbah
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    You you will have to use Code for Employee List and map it based on the code as @Harsha Suggested. If you want no failures and up to date data then first employee list needs to be updated and then the module. Long story short there should be two imports 

    import into employee list based on employee code

    import into module (mapping on employee codes )