Issue on Importing a File

Hi Community,


I would like to ask this issue. I have never encountered this before so I hope you can provide me some insight. 

For example: 

This is the view of the file I am going to Import ini Excel mode(just a sample).


I do the usual Save as "CSV format". I open the CSV format and everything is fine. I proceeded in importing it to Anaplan and this is what I got:



I only have 1 column present. I tried to recreate the file over and over again and I still got the same issue.

Is this an issue in Anaplan or Excel. I just finish loading the other csv files that I have and there seem to be no problem just this one.


Appreciate the help.



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    I think it's not because of Anaplan. Try this,

    #1. Delete the file source in Import data source


    #2. Create a new one.CSV file and load it.



    Vignesh M

  • this happens when you have a special character in the file that is breaking the column separator logic. try to make a csv with something else than comma and see if it solves it.
    or try to find that character....
  • you might want to open with notepad++ and show special chars
  • Misbah
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    Check your delimiters if it is comma, pipe or anything else. Looks like Delimiter issue as @nathan_rudman highlighted



  • usman.zia
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    As all the bosses mention it could be a number of different issues...


    One option you could try:

    It is also possible that text encoding type is not the correct format sometimes selecting UTF8 works for me when the file is saved as a .csv utf8 format.

    Alternatively you could try to save it as .txt file and upload it this way.