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Hi Community,


I would like to ask this issue. I have never encountered this before so I hope you can provide me some insight. 

For example: 

This is the view of the file I am going to Import ini Excel mode(just a sample).


I do the usual Save as "CSV format". I open the CSV format and everything is fine. I proceeded in importing it to Anaplan and this is what I got:



I only have 1 column present. I tried to recreate the file over and over again and I still got the same issue.

Is this an issue in Anaplan or Excel. I just finish loading the other csv files that I have and there seem to be no problem just this one.


Appreciate the help.



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    I think it's not because of Anaplan. Try this,

    #1. Delete the file source in Import data source


    #2. Create a new one.CSV file and load it.



    Vignesh M

  • nathan_rudman
    this happens when you have a special character in the file that is breaking the column separator logic. try to make a csv with something else than comma and see if it solves it.
    or try to find that character....
  • nathan_rudman
    you might want to open with notepad++ and show special chars
  • Misbah
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    Check your delimiters if it is comma, pipe or anything else. Looks like Delimiter issue as @nathan_rudman highlighted



  • usman.zia
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    As all the bosses mention it could be a number of different issues...


    One option you could try:

    It is also possible that text encoding type is not the correct format sometimes selecting UTF8 works for me when the file is saved as a .csv utf8 format.

    Alternatively you could try to save it as .txt file and upload it this way. 






  • Hello to those from the future in case you are experiencing the same issue.

    I had to **** my head against the same problem.

    The culprits were line breaks (somebody pasted headers with enter signs) and a dot in the columns. After I removed the dots and removed line breaks (so that it's all in one line when you click into the excel cell) Anaplan finally recognized it all fine.

    Clearing the data sources had nothing to do with it.

    Good luck!