Level 2 Model Building Sprint 2 - Import into DAT03 Historic VolumesPage


Hi All, 

I have searched high and low for this with no avail. As per the activity titled above, i am trying to run the 9.Import Data from hub process and it fails with an error:


This process is meant to import data from hub but i believe its failing as the data is not the same. This is the data of the DAT03 Historic Volumes module from datahub:


and this is the data from the DAT03 Historic Volumes in the Level 2 Supply Chain:



I have looked everywhere in level 2 but i cannot see why the products would be different. The only thing i can see is that my P2 Products list is the same as P3 SKU list in the supply chain model:



Nowhere in sprint 2 do they talk about adding the P3 SKU list. 


Can someone please tell me what i am missing.