Show YTD and selected month?


I have a module view where it has time as a dimension (I'm able to select which period it displays) but would also like to display the annual result next to it. For example, if I was showing Aug 2019 sales, directly to the right, in the same view, I would see the 2019 annual results. Below is a screenshot of what I have currently, the issue is that when they scroll in one, it does not scroll in the other, so they cannot compare selected month results to the entire year's results.2020-01-09 14_34_04-Greenshot image editor.png



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    Why have the two dashboard elements and instead, create YTD metrics line items in the same module.  That way, you can remove the 2nd dashboard element and everything will be tied together?


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    To answer your question there is no way you can scroll both of these together. You will have to make additional line items in the same module If you really want to compare side by Side.  


    Also We must understand that Anaplan is not a leading reporting tool (at least as of now). Who knows it will be in the future.




  • Hi @mwaltz0213,


    You can set the Height as -1 in Dashboard Designer Properties panel for both grids.

    In this way, the dashboard will use the Page scrolling. However, these will work when there are limited items/members in the rows. 

    More items/list members will delay in loading of the dashboard


    dashboard panel - Height Width.jpg



  • I agree with @rob_marshall @Misbah  two views will not scroll together. You need to put all the information into one view and publish it to dashboard.




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    As the previous reply says, you can try something like this: 





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  • A possible solution which will allow you to maintain the tow grids is to synchronise the line items.
    Allow the user to browse from left to right in the left hand grid and if they required the YTD, FY19 or any time period they can select that column and the right hand grid will sych as appropriately.
    Firstly, re-pivot your right hand grid to place line items as a page selector and time period as columns. Use the show functionality to select the required time period aggregation; FY 19 and / or YTD.
    Ensure that line times are synchronised in the right hand grid and when the user selects a line item in the left grid the right grid should change accordingly.
  • All - I was able to resolve the issue with adding YTD results into the module and reporting it in the singular dashboard element. Thank you for your time.