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Hi Team,

I am working on one use case, in that I am facing one challenge. It would be very helpful if anyone suggest me.The challenge is, in one dashboard I am having customer details and after selecting one particular customer and clicking on action button it should redirect to another dashboard and it should show the editable mode of that particular customer only.

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Keerthi Malathkar



  • Hi Keerthi,

    The way I would set this up is to have the second dashboard include all customers and check 'Synchronized Paging' for the customer list from the table options. With that selected, clicking a single customer in the first dashboard should automatically change the second dashboard to the selected customer. If you then in the second dashboard remove the option to use the page selector but keep the 'Show Label' checked, you will be able to see which customer you are editing but will be unable to change it in the second dashboard, effectively only showing the editable mode of that particular customer.

    I hope this helps.



  • Hi @keerthi_malathkar 


    There are multiple ways to do this but it is really your preference on how you want it to look. 


    1. Utilise synchronisation setting across dashboard elements 

    2. Create a dashboard filter module that applies to all the modules/charts on every dashboard. So when you make a selection it applies across dashboards that use that same filter. If there are multiple users using the same dashboard and filters then you must consider adding the user dimension to the filter module and modules so that each users selection does not effect another users selection. 

    3. Publish the pages selectors to the dashboard (dimensions). Then link the module and charts to this selection using synchronisation. 


    I hope this helps with your use case!





  • @keerthi_malathkar,


    You can try synchronization paging as suggested by CommunityMember118824,


    Alternatively, you can achieve this by simple filters as well.


    Create one boolean formatted line item in your customer details module(dashboard 1) and use this line item as a filter to show only those customers in another dashboard.

    Users can select multiple customers and edit those in the next dashboard. 





  • Good point with the filters Sandeep 🙂 I definitely recommend using a filter module if most of your users are already Premium License users. Mind however that if they are currently Limited License users then using the model means "inputting" data into the model, which could lead to some of them eventually needing a Premium License.

  • All good points! Regarding the filter module see my reply to Sandeep's comment.