Import from a Staging Module to a numbered list


I am struggling with the following:


I have a staging module, dimensioned by Users, where individual users can input some data (CostCode, Currency, Cost Type, Forecast Reference), and once completed, I want to run a process to create a new item in a numbered list (that holds the full set of approved transactions) and then import from the staging module to an "information" module, which is dimensioned by the numbered list.


The slight issue is that no combination of the input properties can be used to create a unique reference, as duplicates are permitted, but of course the numbered list requires a unique reference.


Does anyone have any advice/alternative suggestions about how to approach this problem?

Apologies if I haven't provided much information, I'm still fairly new to model building!





  • Anaplan isn't designed to be a transactional database, so I question if it's the best place for end users to be creating entries. Usually you'll want an external system to be the source of truth and import the data into your model. That said, it's certainly possible to do this in Anaplan.

    You could have the source module dimensionalized by User and a staging numbered list; the concatenation of User ID and the name of the list member would always be unique. Create a boolean line item for users to mark a combo as approved, and only the newly approved lines get pushed to your information numbered list. You can add actions for end users to add list members to the staging numbered list as needed. I would also add an automated process for deleting list members if all the items containing data are approved to keep the size of the staging numbered list minimal.

  • An alternate approach is to use a list subset to identify the approved items.

  • hi, 


    Even this is not an ideal situation not to have a unique identifier you could realize what you want to achieve using these 2 actions


    1 - is the same action that you have now, the only modification: map the user as "code" in the Target Numbered List

    2 - create another action to update the code of the "numbered List" with the Name(item(numbered list))


    Add these 2 actions into a process... 🙂



    this way you will always add a new row using the aware that pushing 2 times the button for the same information will create a new line into the numbered list.