Platform for new users


Hi All,

Recently, have started exploring the Anaplan, can someone please let me know how I get a platform to test and explore options. I want a platform to work on my ideas.




  • @nagarajut80 


    If your company has already bought license then get in touch with your Administrators - he will set you up by adding your credentials else You will have to buy a license if you don't have one.


    Hope that helps


  • Hi @nagarajut80 

    Welcome to the Anaplan world! You'll love it.


    @Misbah is correct.

    You can also check out the pricing schedule (click on this link) for basic, professional, and enterprise edition depending on what you had in mind.

    At the bottom of this link is a contact sheet. Fill it out and someone from Anaplan can talk to you about what you need.