Comparing two modules


Hi - Because of a unique use case, we had to create two modules with similar information except a couple of columns. I want to compare if the data is correct in the new model. Can you please suggest on how I can do this ?




  • Hi @sunilramakumar 


    Without going into too  much details about your your use case i can think of few ways 


    if you are doing this in a very adhoc way then 

    • download data from module 1 and module 2 into excel and use excel 


    if you want something within  Anaplan then you can do it in 2 ways


    • create a third module to compare module 1 and module 2 line items ( not the best way)

    another way is to use  inbuilt compare functionality however you will have to change few things 

    • create a list and add 2 members base 1 and base 2 
    • apply this to your module. You only need 1 module as you can have different values by base 1 and base 2
    • use anaplan compare function and compare base 1 and base 2 using specific base 


    i can think of other ways as well like using subsets  but will be great if you can list more information about your query . 


    hope this helps 




  • Thanks Karan. In addition to the data the original module has some inbuilt formula as well. Is there a way we can compare if the formulas are the same ? I will check the data with the excel solutions that you have advised.


  • If it is adhoc then you can compare formulas as well using excel just extract modules in blue print mode 



  • Thank you. I will check and will revert if there is any additional questions.