Module with Users List


I have a module with two dimensions, Users List and Line Items.


Ideally, we would like two Boolean formatted line items (Single Sign-on and Workspace Administrator,). Is there a way to import / write a formula into the module that pulls the information from the users section under model settings? This could apply to model role & selective access too. 







  • Hi @ckryan 


    I don't believe you can export or pull properties from the users list. 

    You're only able to import properties / attributes into the users list from a file or export from it


    If anyone has solution I would interested to see too!





  • @ckryan 

    Just adding to @rob_marshall export

    Afterwhich, you can then re-import the data into your module. I think that's what you were after.

    If you can automate that, that would be a pretty nice workaround.

  • @JaredDolich ,


    Thanks for the pickup, yes, I forgot the little nugget of importing the csv you just exported to the module.  Thanks bud!



  • Great workaround @rob_marshall 


    But is there currently any scope to be able to do this Anaplan without having to export? 


    I know that one of the challenges is having multiple access items in one line item cell that is formatted by that list only by text.





  • @usman.zia ,


    Great question, but currently no but it is something our Product team will be working on this year.



  • @usman.zia ,


    I didn't answer your second question, yes, if you have multiple Selective access members, you can utilize the 2nd radio button on the export to achieve a 1:1 relationship and then import that data back to a module where you have that dimension by Users.  Now, due to complexities, I had to create one module for Write and one for Read.





     Hope this helps,





  • Thanks @rob_marshall .


    The export process makes sense.


    We are looking to have a connector account pull a users list from models (but trying to avoid a workspace admin license for this account). 



  • @ckryan ,


    Sadly, I believe that is the only thing that is available as you will need WSA access to pull that export.

  • Hello @rob_marshall,


    Has there been any movement on this?


    The native Users list in the models (and in the Tenant) remains a pain point, especially for anyone with multiple workspace. 



  • @CommunityMember127794 


    Not that I am aware of.