Page Filter Drop down Width Adjusments?




I was wondering if there was anyway to make the options in the drop down list longer? The items in my list are getting cut off and I can't figure out how to make it wider to fit.




Thanks in advance!




  • @CommunityMember131210 ,


    No, you can't adjust that.  You do have the scroll bar on the right, but you can't resize it.



  • Thanks for replying @rob_marshall . Quick follow up question -



    In our Dev environment, I have access to the tree view in the same dashboard which gives me the scroll bar to move horizontal which is the scroll bar I need technically.



    However, in the prod environment - I lose the scroll bar and the tree view. Do you know how this can be fixed? It will solve the cutoff issue mentioned above in my opinion.





    Thank in advance for your help!



  • @CommunityMember131210 ,


    So, you are losing the horizontal scroll...I am not sure I have ever noticed that.  Do you have the same number of members in both environments (Dev and Prod)?

  • Our Dev is smaller due to the workspace size limitations. The list in Production has over 1000 items while Dev has under 1000. Do you think it is related to that?

  • @CommunityMember131210 ,


    Yes, I tend to think so.  Anything over 1000 members will not display in the tree view, so I am thinking that is why you might be losing the horizontal scroll.  But I was testing this on one of my models but the members aren't as wide as yours.