Data Import into a Module using a numbered list




I would like to understand how an import action works for a mapping on a numbered list.


I have an import action set up between 2 modules in 2 different models. Both the modules use the same numbered list.

Since the mapping for the numbered list is on name or code the system ends up mapping on the name(Unique number Id) and since the ids are different on both model the import action is mapping the list items incorrectly.

Is there a way to resolve this?

I tried to use manual mapping but that doesn't translate well between Dev->Test->Prod

Best Answer

  • akhil.kohli

    Hi Bahal,


    The best practice while creating a numbered list is to have a code of the numbered list and use the code instead of the names while importing data.

    In your case, while you import from one model to another, and I assume you have a saved view from where you import the data. I will suggest you to have an extra line item of code in that saved view and use that as a mapping. That should resolve your imports.



    Akhil Kohli


  • HI @BahalR,

    Always do import using code for a numbered list. This should resolve your issue!!

    Mapping names would work only in case of import (Within the model) as the generated key will be the same.



  • That worked. Thank you @akhil.kohli