Roll up blank children into parent list?


Hi all, 


I'm working on an incarnation of a the Anaplan Agile app, where we track user stories in a list and those roll up into epics in a parent list. 


In my user story module, the user stories can be tagged with a status (not started / in progress / complete / removed), or that cell can be left blank by the end user

In my epic module, I want a column that rolls up user story status into an overall epic status (not started / in progress / complete / removed), which cannot be blank as per my formula.


Playing around with this approach, I've created a status hierarchy which will roll up child ("L2 user story status") statuses into parent statuses ("L1 epic status") -- which will make the model more sustainable if anybody comes in after me and adds in a user story status. They'll assign a parent, the new statuses will automatically roll up into an epic status, and my calculation models don't break. Cool beans.  


The problem is that my parent (epic) status list does not take into account when my child (user story) statuses are left blank (whereas I would consider those user stories "not started" in my rollup)

Does anybody know if it is possible to make the hierarchy itself automatically slot blank children into a parent? 


If no, I'll just create a duplicate status column that fills in the blanks -- no big deal. In the meantime, I'm curious if I can make Anaplan do it for me. 






  • @swoods93 


    As far as I understand you will have to create another column to fill in the blanks and use that for rollups as you rightly mentioned.


    Hope that helps