Anaplan Excel AddIn 3.3


Hi All,


We have MS Office 365 ProPlus, version below




Excel tends to crash on various machines with the AddIn 3.3 installed.  A MS Office quick repair tends to resolve crashes but it is a pain to repair every couple of days.


Has anyone had the same experienced and what can be done to resolve this?






  • @atoh 


    No, haven't experienced it or haven't heard anybody highlighting it until now. I mean there are other issues with Add in 3.3 but not the crashing one. You can do few things - 


    You can uninstall it and then reinstall it and see if that fixes the issue.

    Check your .Net Framework and make sure your .Net Framework is 4.7.2 or above


    If nothing helps then it might be worth raising a ticket with Anaplan Support (




  • Hi atoh,


    We have had similar experiences, where excel sheets are more likely to crash after the add-in is installed.  One workaround is to turn the add-in off (via Excel Options -> Add-ins) when not actively using the add-in (ie during other Excel work).


    Many thanks,


  • atoh

    Thanks Tom.


    That is an option when not using the Addin.


    However, it is not an option when you have use AddIn (which is a lot of the time), the only recourse at the moment is to do a Quick Repair MS Office....that seems to fix the problem.....still a pain


    Cheers, A

  • atoh

    Thanks Misbah....will raise a ticket.