ALM Distrubed


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In our PROD model, mistakenly ALM Structure was disturbed. Is there any option to revert back the ALM Process Structure and we cant restore the model because the user has inputted a huge volume of changes.


Please help me for this 






  • Hi @UMAMAHESH123 ,


    As per my understanding, by "ALM Structure was disturbed" you mean the model synchronization got failed. I would request you to go through and understand the ALM overview.

    As a Workspace administrator you can only restore a model back to a restore point ID that existed after the model was last synchronized and revert all the changes into Dev and synchronize it back to Production. 

    If structural changes are made after disabling deployed mode, the model will become incompatible for synchronization with previously compatible source models. In this situation, you can recover a sync incompatible model by reverting to the most recent revision tag. please go through for further clarification.




  • @UMAMAHESH123 


    There is a reason why Anaplan wants you to confirm if you want to take model out of deployed mode - it is risky. As explained by @Jitendra.Vishnolia you can do it either way.


    If you don't want to restore the history and then you can go to Prod Model - Revision Tags => Revert to Last Revision. It will undue all the structural changes in the Standard Prod Model, post which you can put the model in deployed mode and that should solve your issue.

    But If there was a RT created directly in Standard Prod model then you will have to make a new Dev model from the "Create model from Revision" Option under Revision Tags and use that for ALM.


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  • in short no, you can't roll back the structure and not the data.
    Often, data is harder to re-input. Un-deploy your model, make the changes manually, create a revision tag, deploy the model, create a new model from it (or make a copy) and make that new model your new DEV and you are back on track
  • Have you created any new revision tags in your dev model since syncing the previous revision tag? If not it is likely easier to create a new dev model using your existing prod and put ALM back in place using these models. 

  • If you want to revert structural modifications only, then YES there is the solution using the DEV model. 


    - in DEV - sign a restore point for the current status of the DEV model. you can also create a revision tag for current status. 

    - in DEV go back and restore the structure before the modifications that you do not want to push them into PROD

    - in DEV - create a revision tag with this restore 

    - Use ALM to push the modifications in PROD and this way you will have a PROD model with the previous modifications. the PROD should be OK now. 

    - in DEV - restore again the current status of the DEV model...


    I hope it helps..