Anaplan Preformance




If multiple users are using the same model at same time there will be performance issues . How to reduce these performance issues , Is there any solution for it in Anaplan ?






  • @tejaswini 


    I would recommend reviewing our Best Practices articles (can be found here) focusing on:

    • Planual
    • PLANS
    • Best Practices for Module Design
    • Try to stay away from end users kicking off actions as they can be concurrency blockers





  • @tejaswini 

    Great question - the short answer is yes, the more users you have the more it will impact performance.

    @rob_marshall pointed you to the best practice articles. I would also highly recommend reading those.

    In particular read how to perform concurrency testing by @andy_tarr  and @elizabeth_schaf


    This will really open your eyes to what's going on. I refer to this article all the time.

    I particularly like how they organized by team responsibility. You can add this directly into your project plan or master bucket if you happen to be using the Anaplan Way!


  • I'll emphasize on actions. it is the killer of concurrency
  • Hi @tejaswini 


    Another point to consider that is sometimes you can give access to the NEW UX App without having to give access to the Anaplan Model and this can sometimes help with having less peope in the actual model which will slow down performance.





  • AmyX

    Hi Usman @usman.zia,


    I'm interested in knowing more about your point here. I thought, in order to access the data on new UX, you had to have access to the model associated to the page/app.


    Could you please elaborate how you can have access to the new UX app without giving access to the model?


    Thank you very much in advance!