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I have 4 levels of accounts, I want to delete accounts not used in my modules. I have created a module to identify accounts not used and set a boolean format. I created an action for Delete from Selection that references the module boolean line. It only seems to delete the base list level. How do I adjust so it deletes all parent items if all children are deleted?


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  • Misbah
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    You will have to create one line item for each list and create a process to delete all the accounts and their associated parents.


    Step 1 - You have developed it already.

    Step 2- Create another Line item dimensionalized by Parent of Account and pull the information from previously created line item in step 1. Make sure the summary of Line item 1 is kept as "All" and NOT "Any" or "None". You can have a subsidiary view in the same module or you can build another module.

    Step 3 - Repeat Step 2 for Parent of Parent Accounts and so on and so forth

    Step 4 - Create a Deletion process in the same order


    Hope that helps



  • Thanks Misbah, will try!!
  • @iWonder in addition to the best practice suggested by  @Misbah  to delete list members you can also consider using a list subset:

    • This allows you to select the accounts you want rather than going through the process of deleting accounts.
    • This way if you change your mind you can just change which accounts you want in the list subset (vs. adding them again)
  • Thanks Jared!