Module to Module Import


Hi ,


I have a module ,by versions ,Dimension is a number list .


Line items -

1. line item 1> Data Type > List 

2. line item 2 > Datatype > subset of list 

3. line item 3   > Data Type > Subset of list 

4. Other number formatted line item 


I want to import Budget data into forecast . Action is successful but "line item 2 and line item 3"  are not imported (Error - Item not located in list ).


Also ,when tried to copy paste got an error -Ambiguous name.


Please let me know ,if  I am missing something.

How to make this import successful .


Thanks !!   

Best Answer

  • Nicolas Cadier

    The ambiguous name error usually refers to one or more items in a numbered list having the same Display Name.


    If possible, I would advise creating extra line items that capture the code of the list item, using CODE(ITEM(list_name)).


    If you're not using code, you can also reference the anaplan generated ID of the list item by using NAME(ITEM(list_name)). As above, create this in a separate line item and use this new line item as your import source.


    Hope that helps!