To fetch data through switching between different modules through page selector


There is a list which contains C1, C2 as child items of P1. On a dashboard, this list is published as page selector.

I have two source modules(child level-C and parent level-P respectively) both are input modules and one target module(T). The input data for C1, C2 is present in module C and likewise input data for P1 is present in module P.

The requirement is such that based on the item selected through page selector on the dashboard, the corresponding data from the source modules should appear in the target module. i.e if  child C1 is selected on the page selector, the data from C module should be displayed on the target. Similarly, if Parent P1 is selected, data from P module should be displayed on the target.

Please let me know how this is possible when there are two source modules and we need to switch the data based on the page selector selection of hierarchy(parent /child).





  • Hi Varshni


    The main question will be what the dimensionality will be of the target cube.


    Let's say that you have the following dimensions: Child and Parent and where the child list has Parent selected as the parent.

    In the child cube, you will use the child list.

    In the parent cube, you will use parent list.

    in the target cube, you will use the child list. 


    Now if you have the child dimension in the pager, then it will synchronise, based on the child and the parent cube.


    How should the data look like in the targe model? Should the datafrom the child cube and parent cube be in the same line item?




  • @Varshni 


    One question on your query, why are you bypassing the aggregation that Anaplan does for you. In Child module you would have composite hierarchy (Child List) as a dimension which will sum all the child values into parent ( Bottoms up approach). Having other input module at the Parent level you will have to have the disaggregation logic in place (Top down approach) considering your Target Module will have Child List as a dimension.


    Lets say for example - If your P1 has 500  in P input module & C1 and C2 has 200 and 250 respectively in C Module what do you want to see in C1 and C2 of Target module.







  • Hi,


    The Target module has the dimensionality of Child. If the page selector is parent, it should show up 500 in the target module and if child is selected in the page selector, it should show up 250 in the target module. Please can you let me know if it is possible?





  • Yes the Target module will have dimensionality of the child. If child is chosen on the page selector , it should populate the data from the child module in the target module and if parent is chosen on the page selector, it should populate the data from parent module in the target module.


    Please can you let me know if its possible. 




  • Hello Varshni,


    This is possible.

    Only question is why you would like to do this?

    What happens more in the target cube that cannot be done in the child cube?



    Eije WIersema



  • Hello,

    There are multiple calculations in the target module and the user requirement is such that, user should be able to toggle between child and Parent data (which comes from respective input modules individually). They do not want to use the default Anaplan aggregation option and instead want the values that they input at the respective input modules to be displayed on the target.


    Please can you let me know how this is possible.


    Thanks for the help.




  • Hi Varshni,


    This will be possible by default. The only requirements is:

    - Child rolls up to parent.

    - Child is used in a module, but this will mean that the parent is available in this module, but you can hide it or set line items summary to none.

    - Dimension of child in the target module is in pager. If the child list in the target is in the row, then the synchronise will not work.


    What is the reason that the client wants this behavior?