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Hi team,


I have a batch file where I want to split it into multiple rows due to being quite long. I looked online & read that if you use ^ at the end of the row it will continue into the next, this is not currently working & wondering if anyone has any ideas?



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  • Hi,

    can you share the error? 

    the symbol ^ works fine for me:



    which Windows are you using? maybe you can try with double caret  ^^



  • An alternative approach is to build it up with multiple set commands:


    set Operation=%Operation% -file "foo.txt" -get "D:\exported foo.txt"

    set Operation=%Operation% -file "bar.txt" -get "D:\exported bar.txt"


  • Thanks @ABerenguela 


    Unfortunately the double ^^ did not work. I have attached 2 screen shots, 1 from a Successful Process using Export (only 1 Action in the process) & then the unsuccessful process


    You will see in the unsuccessful screen shot at the lines after the ^ are not being recognized



    1) Successful Process 

    Successful Process Export.PNG

    2) Unsuccessful Process

    Unsuccessful Process Export.PNG




  • Ahhh Yes - thanks @ABerenguela 


    Have to be very careful with these scripts