Numbered List Import in Other Numbered List


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**** All,

Please guide me to upload numbered list as a list in other numbered list.

I am trying to import using code like as given below but unable to import and getting error.





Vikas Jain


  • Hi @vikas1 ,


    As I can see in your screenshot, the import file does not contain code for base items, also you're using items uniquely identified as Names. Try using "code" and add codes for all the items in the file. Let me know if you have any difficulties in this approach. Thanks!




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    Thanks Govind 

    As I have added base code "AME" but again showing error.

    Please see the below when I used Code to import the data.



    Vikas Jain

  • Hi @vikas1 


    I am sorry for being unclear. You will need to add code for all the leaf nodes to import without an error. Please try and let me know if error still persists.


    1. Add code to all the items in the file.

    2. Add property "Display Name" on the list.

    3. Map Display Name property and Code and then import.




  • Many Thanks Govind,


    Now I can import the data but I want to ask one thing in this case do how would I show the parent of the related Item.



    Because it's updating the data below.




    Vikas Jain

  • @vikas1 


    If I may ask why is there a need to import a list from another list. One there is no filtering out options from source list & you will be replicating the target list, second Anaplan will create an error log if there are any ignores/failures which are highly likely in this scenario.


    I would suggest you to create a module based on the source list, create a saved view by filtering out what you don't need and then load the target list from the saved view. Ofcourse by having Code in the saved view and mapping code only, keeping your Name blank or unmapped on the mapping page as it is a numbered list




  • Thanks Misbah for the below, will try it.