Level 2 Model Building: Sprint 1 - Prepare for Spring 2



I have finished the Level 2 - Sprint 1, and am in the preparing for Sprint 2 section. I am stuck at the section of importing from the saved views. After I downloaded the model and saved in my own name, there are no saved views to choose from? Am I going to the wrong place for "in the Data Hub model"? Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated.





- Attempting to import into the P3 SKU list below.



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  • Misbah
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    Can you please check if you are going to Data Hub Model. It looks like you are picking Level 2 Supply Chain model as a source when the ask is to get it from Data Hub.





  • Thanks @Misbah, I will take a look. Is it called "Data Hub Model" in that list? I remember I looked yesterday for that, but did not see such option.

  • Hey,


    Even i am facing the same issue. I cannot see any saved views after i select my data hub model. 

    How do i resolve this? @CommunityMember119883  , @Misbah  


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  • @SathvikRamesh 


    Can you go to Data Hub Model and look for SYS12 SKU module. You should find couple of saved views there in the data hub. Use one of the views from Data hub model in order to import SKU details into P3 SKU list


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  • Thank you it worked !
  • Hi -

    Should we use any of the two views? Or should we use a specific one?

    Thank you