More than one Numbered list import


Hi All,

Please help to make me understand if I import the one numbered list in other numbered list using "CODE" in this case I can not see the parent of my current numbered list, so what should I do to see the data with parent hierarchy in more than one numbered list items.



Vikas Jain



  • @vikas1 


    Are you trying to duplicate the list? Because you are trying to create a list based on same codes and same parents of source numbered list. 


    If you have any such requirement then you need to assign the same parent of the source list to target list and then import the children. And please do not import from list to list. Instead create a module & then saved view and import the data from Saved view to the target List


    Had to delete previous reply as I misunderstood your question. Apologies for any inconvenience, if any.




  • Thanks Misbah for you help.