New solution architect Exam


I have completed my L1 and L2 certifcation exams and would like to know what are the next steps for getting certified as a solution architect. 


Thanks in Advance



  • @SachinMohandas 


    You have to be The Anaplan Way (TAW) certified to achieve certified model builder status. Once you achieve that then there will be a level 3 exam/certification (coming soon) which every aspiring solution architect has to pass. Post that there will be one more technical exam for solution architect which I believe will be a paid one. You can track your journey on learning center.






  • Since the new Solution architect exam is not available, the old exam is still active. You can complete the Anaplan way training and you will be able to take the Solution architect exam.


  • Hi Yash,


    I have not found the old solution architect exam link on anaplan portal, could you help me to get this link.