Ability to automate the multiple line option within text formatted line item


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I have a text formatted line item in a module which contain multiple sentences in a single line. I need to break that text into multiple lines within the same line item and display on the dashboard. The user has only 'read access' and cannot use the 'Alt+Ctrl+Enter' option. Is there a way to automate this with the help of an action so that the text can be displayed in multiple line without using 'Alt+Ctrl+Enter' option.


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  • @SakshamBansal 


    No, there is no such feature to Word wrap it and break it into multiple lines. One thing that you can do is to increase the column settings of the that line item and make it 350


    Even Admins don't have flexibility to break the long text in line items into multiple lines


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  • @SakshamBansal ,


    I believe this is supposed to be fixed in the Feb release.

  • @SakshamBansal , The only work around we have used is using the excel plugin, where you could create a view for the user and in excel you should be able to do all sorts of text formatting to the text line item, especially Alt+enter to break lines . The output on the dashboard and on a page in new ux is not too bad. Does the required job.