Is there free training available?


I never heard of Anaplan until today, but I have now been tasked with learning it.  

Do I need to be a paying customer to use the training materials?  It seems like I do.



Also the Labels required field should be a drop-down picklist if users can't enter new terms.


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  • JaredDolich


    Great question and from my perspective a question that really highlights the best part of Anaplan.

    Most training is free and online. You can even get certified online.


    I would also highly encourage you to consider this site too, the platform discussions. This is where the learning really gets accelerated - you can pose a question here and normally get an answer within an hour. Sometimes 3 or 4 answers. And the answers are detailed.


    Lastly, I would recommend having @DavidSmith Planual by your side. He summarizes all the best practices in this manual.


    Feel free to pose questions to this post too. We can help recommend which courses to take if you like depending on what you feel you need to learn.

    Welcome to Anaplan! You'll love it.



  • Hi @JaredDolich ,


    Doesn't  @boconnell or his company needs to get registered with Anaplan?

    Does it means that just anybody can open the links mentioned by you and start the training.




  • @Yash1 

    Yes, @boconnell can sign up with a personal email or work email. There does not need to be any relationship to a partner.

    I would highly recommend, however, that @boconnell sign up with the email ID that will be used when doing any modeling.

    Anaplan training and involvement is measured - which is a good thing so you get credit. While it's possible for Anaplan to join multiple email IDs together, it's a lot easier if you just use one.


    To do the training @boconnell  will need a tenant to work in, especially the certifications, because they require you to build real models. In that case, @boconnell will need to be associated with a customer or partner that has a tenant. 


    One last point. The training is 100% transparent and thorough - Anaplan makes it so easy to learn. And best of all is the Community Site (where this question was posed). You will get an answer within hours, usually more than one.

  • yep right... @JaredDolich . 

    To do certifications like L1 and L2, he will need Anaplan environment to work upon and build models. 

  • @boconnell 


    As @JaredDolich highlighted Anaplan training is free however as @Yash1 highlighted you need access to Anaplan environment which you can only get if you have anaplan licence which is paid . 


    I hope this helps