I’ve built a filter (boolean) consisting of 3 levels with dependencies. If I choose an item in level 1, I will only be able to select items in level 2 that are dependent on the selection done in level 1. Same relationship between 2 and 3 as well.  

This works well downwards but not upwards. When I delete (leave it blank) the selection I’ve done in level 3 I would like the grids to update to what I had previously selected for level 2 but at the moment I’m not able to figure out how to make it work that way. Even though I have deleted level 3 and "refreshed", level 3 is still applied to the grids/graphs. In order to update I need to do a new selection for level 2 and then refresh. It works, but it is no very smooth 🙂

This is the formula I’ve written:

IF ISBLANK('Level 3) THEN IF ISBLANK(Level 2) THEN Level 1 = PARENT(PARENT('ITEMS Level 3')) ELSE Level 2 = PARENT('ITEMS Level 3') ELSE 'Level 3' = 'ITEMS Level 3'

Any suggestions on how I can set this up?

Thanks in advance!



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  • MarkWarren

    Wouldn't synchronised paging of lists at each hierachy work better here? Simple built in functionality rather than extra calculations...
    Here's a quick example (using L2 training model 😁😞
    L1 selection


    L2 Selection


    L3 Selection


    It's always good to create system modules at each hierachy to help with this.



  • @Stig 


    Not sure if I understood your question. Also can you please supplement it with some screenshots. 




  • Hi @MarkWarren 

    Thanks a lot for the input - it was really helpful! I´ve used your solution in several dashboards and kept what I already had in some (different dashboards with different purposes), and the end users are happy 😃


  • Hi @Misbah 

    Sorry for my late reply.. I´ve gone with the solution Mark described below. 

    Anyway, thanks for reaching out 🙂