New build for Google Chrome

I received this question from my client:

Google Chrome is releasing a new build 02/04/2020 that will change how cookies are handling by changing the default SameSite behavior. Will this impact Anaplan? Below is the FAQ from the chromium project:


Please let me know.






  • @robinsalk


    I am not an expert on this however one thing that we have in backlog testing is to check all manual exports . 


    So if a user is manually clicking export from a dashboard and if there are multiple export files being generated we will test it after google chrome change . 


    Why ? i dont know may be it uses cookies etc to keep track of files being exported . 



  • Hi @robinsalk 


    Please contact [email protected] for this - someone from the technical team will get back to you with further information and advice.





  • I will contact support.